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Drive. Capture. Rewind.

We’ve been working hard on bringing a new brand product while working with Tesla.
We’re proud today to show you a first glance at our product.
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A brand new GoPro user

This is not the interface you’re used to. We’ve been
working to recreate to interface with our own touch. You’ll
find a really easy-to-use interface with plenty
of great features.
  • Drone
  • Music
  • Maps
  • GoPro
  • Camera 360
  • Web

A drone. Yes, you read it right.

Capture travel moments. Watch them directly on your phone
or in your car. Control the drone from anywhere, with your watch,
your car, or your app, and get visual control on the cluster.
  • Drone
  • Music

Your data synced to your
iPhone and Apple Watch.

Launch the drone from your app. Or your Apple Watch.
Control it through the app and capture those beautiful
landscapes you love shooting. You’ll be impressed
with how far we’ve gone on this beautiful interface.